Visit to the Sallie House

October 2020

508 N 2nd St. Atchison KS

Pulling up to 508 N. 2nd St. was surreal. For a lot of people, I can see how they could say that it looks just like the pictures you see online, small & spooky. But for me looking at the house it looks like a house with a lot of character the outside of the house must have been painted because in most of the photos you find online paint was peeling off the brick siding, and the vintage metal mailbox attached to the house by the front door was great but what can I say I’m into that vintage look.


Upon entering the house I was met with that old house smell, musty and maybe even a little damp, to my left was the staircase leading up to the second floor where the nursery was. We decided to start with the main floor, Stepping into the front room house seemed very still and quiet and, in that instance, I was suddenly very aware of my body and this intense energy consuming.,  this feeling as if my entire being was purposely redirected to focus solely on whatever energy this house had to offer. All I can say is that it was something that will never leave me. As I crossed into the front room my heart is just racing and my mind is just desperately trying to hone in on this feeling, like I just waiting and listening for the house to tell its story, my eyes were drawn to this makeshift operating table which mediately sent chills down my spine, whatever version of events took place here I can say one thing for sure there is an emotional sadness that stains the walls of this house.

Moving on to the Kitchen

Walking into the kitchen came with its own wave of thick and extreme emotion, heavy emotion a sadness, the feeling is like something heavy and tight in your chest, almost like someone sucked all the air out of the room making it hard to catch your breath. the kitchen is small, the walls are painted red, and the window looking out to the backyard was over the sink. As I am Looking out the window, I wonder how the Pickman’s stayed in this house with all of the sadness I myself was experiencing. but at the same, I was also impressed that Debra tried for so long to co-exist with Sallie.  I could see how Debra would feel that motherly instinct to want to help Sallie and make her feel like a part of the family. As a mom myself if I was in Debra’s shoes I would have at least tried. moving from the window I glance over at the kitchen table, on the table was the infamous Sallie drawing, Tony’s rendition of a little girl that he saw standing in his kitchen, looking at the picture I feel the need to try to connect with Sallie, so I took a photo of Tony’s drawing being sure to get my reflection in the shot. Now looking back at the photo I took it’s very ominous just Sallie and me.  As we continued the self-guided tour, we went up the stairs to the second floor. I looked in all the nooks and crannies and stood in the nursery, but the energy seemed a lot lighter up there. The WOLFMAN  and I then returned downstairs to the kitchen and at this point, I have not yet said anything to him about what I felt during the tour,  but he looked at me and he said he felt that space felt very heavy, and he felt sad for some reason. And at that moment Knowing what a skeptic he is, that something was affecting him, I knew that something otherworldly was with us in that house.

-Last but not least the basement!

Although the basement is currently off-limits, I had to check it out. The basement is located directly off the kitchen opening this rather light wood door  The aesthetic of the Sallie House basement was truly that of a scene from your favorite horror movie… from the creaky narrow staircase to the exposed concrete walls, the basement was just like I imagined cold and damp and once we walked down the stairs to the heart of the basement, we saw what is known as the infamous black spot where supposed satanic rituals were performed back in the 1990s. We shut off all the lights and used just our cell phones to light the floor, it’s definitely an odd feeling down there. I climbed into the Crawl space if you can even call it that, the opening of the wall takes you up under the house.  other than it being pretty sketchy and thinking I was going to get spooked by an animal that was living under there it was a pretty tame . I did get one  EVP in the basement. I think it was the corner of the East wall when my recorder came through with the word BONES so that was pretty intriguing. The only time I felt anything intense  in the basement was when I stood right on top of the legendary black spot when the supposed Satanic rituals were performed back in the 90’s, I felt almost like a pull of energy that seemed to  pull me forward towards the crawl space. So I would say that my overall Sallie house experience was very enlightening. The energy I felt was insane and the way the house seems to show you what it wants you to see and feel reminds me that the Sallie house is never really unoccupied. I am hoping to go back for a private tour or maybe even an overnighter!

The Infamous Sallie drawing by Tony Pickman

The Crawl Space in the the Basement