Who is the Pumpkin Queen?

The Pumpkin Queen persona I think stems from the late nights I spent wondering when I would become the next member of The Midnight Society. When I wasn’t binging on Are You Afraid of the Dark episodes, I was immersed in books by R.L Stein and Stephen King. 

My spooky obsession turned out not to be just a phase. Halloween is my religion, and Michael Myers is still hands-down the OG of horror. When I am not passing down my spooky secrets to my little ghoul, every chance I get, I’m reading about creepy stories and looking for the next no trespassing adventure. 

AFTERTHE3VER is just what it is. A podcast I created to talk about what really happens After The Ever. Paranormal History, Tales & Legends, with a Splash of the Macabre to keep it extra creepy!

I am always looking for suggestions on future episodes or listener story submissions, so check out the contact me page and send me a note.

A huge thanks to everyone who supports the show and my spooky nightmares.

– x